Wehr Nature Center Engagement Session - Malina & Danny

September 9, 2019

I am a creature of habit. I shoot at the same locations, I eat at the same restaurants, I take my kids to the same playgrounds, I even park in the same place every time I go to these places I frequent. Although I have spend most of my life in Wisconsin, I have never been a tourist of my own state and city. It has so much to offer and even with this thing called the internet, it can be difficult for me to discover what is worth my time exploring. So when couples and families suggest locations that are new to me - I get giddy. It gives me an excuse to break out of my routine and exercise my creativity in a new way. When Malina and Danny said Wehr Nature Center was where they wanted their engagement session, I was stoked. I knew of it. I even had family that lived practically next to it when I was growing up but never ventured inside. I took some time before their session to explore it and thought it was beautiful. It wasn't until I got the personal tour from them that I truly understand how stunning it really is. Perhaps it was their beautiful connection and stories that created my fondness. Nevertheless, if you haven't had a chance to explore Wehr, please do. You won't regret it. Just watch out for the giant turkeys!