Big Bay Beach Lifestyle Family Session

January 22, 2019

Big Bay Beach Lifestyle Family Session


My mom's 60th birthday just passed and I'm planning a party for her. I asked her for some old photos and it was so fun to see her over the last six decades. What did I notice the most? Her clothes, maybe. Her wardrobe definitely came back in style! I also noticed who she was with and where she was. You know which photos I barely looked at? The ones where she was just posing for the camera. I know my mom now but I wanted to see what she was like before I was born - her personality - her friends - where she hung out.  This is why lifestyle photography is so rewarding for me. It is very pleasing to have an image where everyone in the photo is looking at the camera and smiling but who are you smiling at? For? How about you play with your family and I'll take photos of that instead?


This family was extra fun because they are from Las Vegas. I lived there for a few years and often miss the mountains and the hiking and (obviously) the people watching. It was nice to be able to talk about the city with people who understand it more than just a tourist town. Also, the waves this morning were just bananas. And it was the first time the young boy had seen the lake. What a great first impression!


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