Milwaukee Third Ward Anniversary Session - Tierrney and Hunter

August 29, 2018

Milwaukee Third Ward Anniversary Session


You've seen the memes - the ones where they compare what it's like to date verses being married. You didn't fart in front of one another until you were married and you thought their snoring was "cute". You held hands everywhere you went and loved laying with your faces an inch apart. Then you get married and all that goes out the window. You get "comfortable." I like comfortable. But when you get comfortable, you just have to remember to keep the excitement and mystery around sometimes just so "comfortable" doesn't turn into "boring." One of the ways you could do that is to not give your better half the passcode to your phone OR you could book anniversary photos with me! I'm pretty sure photos is the healthier option.


These guys are in the dating phase and they are just so into one another and it's what you wish for every couple for every day of their lives - from day 1 to day 1908359476592o381. They rocked their session because they did exactly what you need to do to have a successful session - they trusted their photographer. We meandered Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward and I let them be all about one another and they pretended like I wasn't an inch from their face. And you know what - that's not that hard to do when you kinda like the person I'm asking you to put your hands on. And breathe on. And such. So.... let's do anniversary photos, okay?





























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