Atwater Beach Engagement Session | Lindsay & Zach

November 1, 2017

I wake up around 6am (okay, okay, usually 7am) and always look to the sky. I love sunsets. You can normally count on them to be at the least - pretty.  But sunrises are hit or miss. They are either just breathtaking or they are just a pain in your butt and in that exact spot your car visor can't cover. When I proposed a sunrise session to Lindsay and Zach - they were on the fence (it's cold, y'all)  but ultimately were  up for the challenge. When the morning came - it was clouds for days - whomp whomp. But as we made our way through the wind and freezing temps, there was a break in the moody clouds, giving way to this eerie light that I love. The results make my heart skip. 


















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