Holiday Cards in September | Grafton Family Session

September 7, 2017

Holiday Cards in September 


With everyone always having a camera on them, proper photos easily get neglected. I am one of those people who still sends out Holiday cards and I save my favorites from my family and friends from over the years. I hope this is a custom that never goes away!! The Holiday card season will be here before we know it and it reminds me of  how impersonal it is for someone to say "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Holidays" via social media. And usually it's because that social media said "Hey, Tif! It's Bobby Sue's birthday today - wish them happy birthday." I must admit; I don't like being told what to do and I'm sure that has something to do with me not wanting to do what the computer is telling me. I'd much rather call, text, email, or snail mail that person "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Holidays". Maybe to them it is all the same but I feel like it takes more time, effort, and love to go out of my way to send them my love than doing so passively. What am I getting at? This is the same when it comes to photographs. We take photos of EVERYTHING! EVERY DAY! Those photos usually get stuck in limbo and don't make their way out of their digital cage. When Holiday Card season comes along, many people scramble to find the best images to throw on a card and send to their 100 closest friends and family. Don't be a passive card photo picker outer! Think about it now. You deserve to take an hour out of your week and create beautiful images to reflect how you are living today. You deserve to experience the feeling of anticipating your friends and family receiving your card because you are so excited about the images on them. You deserve beautiful images that won't be forgotten or caged in their digital hell. If you have never hired a photographer for your family photos, humor me and try it. It doesn't even have to be me. Find a photographer whose images speak to you and take the plunge. I promise you that you will never go back to scrambling again.


Things to remember: Turnaround time for a full edited gallery (minimum 75 images) is 3 weeks so book with enough time so you can also order your cards.  I offer cards in my galleries and there are several companies out there that offer great options for Holiday cards. Average turnaround time for card production is about 7-12 days. 


The family featured here had never hired a professional photographer for their family photos prior to this session. They killed it, right??


























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