Mequon Nature Preserve | Lifestyle Family Session

August 25, 2017

My family photos from childhood are the epitome of 80's photography. Don't believe me? Look at this:


The evolution of photography has done families a solid. No more wooden rocking chairs in front of wood walls. Or all pink everything. (That wizard though...) It has taken us out of the cold studios and into the world. It has given families a night where they can explore and play with each other and not simply sit pretty. This is what "lifestyle photography" is and why if you have not tried it - you should. 


Families who have not done lifestyle sessions before come in and are usually nervous that their children are not going to behave or smile. My approach to family photography quickly eases those nerves. I give you games and prompts and create images around them. The struggle often is not getting children to smile and behave but to get them to leave the session. It's fun. For everyone. Even Dad.


Have a look at what lifestyle photography looks like: