Devil's Lake Anniversary Session | Amanda & Jon

August 18, 2017


Devil's Lake Anniversary Session | Baraboo, Wisconsin



Anniversary Sessions have a special place in my heart. Don't get me wrong; weddings are beautiful. They are a celebration of two people's love for one another that is so strong that they want to put it on paper, make it Facebook official, and throw down a bunch of dough to declare their commitment. They are a celebration of connecting new family and friends for life. They are truly a time where all reservations can be put aside and everyone can just love for a few hours. But Anniversary Portrait Sessions are truly a time for the couple and the couple only. Life is noisy. It's difficult to make time for the ones you love. Portrait time during your wedding can be limited for a variety of reasons. This is one reason I highly recommend an Engagement Session. When the couple has an opportunity for portraits outside of the chaos that can be a wedding timeline, it creates even more opportunity for images that make you feel something instead of think "I look nice in that one".  Anniversary Sessions allow you to love your person with intent. Take a breath. Breathe their's in. Forget about the bills, the kids, the 'rents, co-workers, friends, dogs, cats, ferrets, and even pasta and tacos. My goal is to make my presence minimal. I will place you in "poses" and give you prompts and let the rest unfold naturally. Of course at first it may be weird that some chick is watching you make out with your honey, let alone watching you with a camera a foot from your face but it only takes a few minutes and I will appear as merely a tree or building or air. I play music so not only does your honey's face and touch make it easy to forget I am there, it is like you have a soundtrack to your story. Now visualize those slow montage scenes in every rom-com movie - that's what it's like.


While Anniversary Portrait Sessions touch me because I'm a sucker for people in love, I am human and I love them mostly for a selfish reason. Every night that I get home from an Anniversary Session, I NEED to cuddle my hubby and make sure I tell him how much I love and appreciate him. I know he knows it but that intentional "You rock my world" is part of why we work so well. You rock my world, BC. 



Amanda and Jon's Anniversary Session in Devil's Lake is featured in this post. They  are rockstars. They are so open and romantic. They are that couple that even strangers see and know they have something special. You want some of their good vibes.  I caught some. Trust me - it's the good stuff. 


 Anniversary Session Info



















 Anniversary Session Info



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