The Truth Is....

July 15, 2017







The Truth Is | Sometimes I get discouraged because I don’t live in my dream house, in my dream neighborhood, driving my dream car. I feel less important because I can’t afford to buy everything Joanna Gaines creates or a bookend in Restoration Hardware. Sometimes I feel defeated because it’s been 2 months since I’ve had my eyebrows manicured, a year since a haircut, and I only wear makeup twice a week AND I’m okay with it. I’m a hot mess. Most of the time. I see the beautiful mamas in their beautiful homes with their stylish children as I scroll and I become envious. Why can’t I lead that life? It is my fault because I am not hard working enough and anyone can be those people if they just work hard enough? The truth is, the screen is just an edit. Social media is a curated version of our lives and we can make the world believe whatever we want. The truth is, I live in a home that reflects me, in a neighborhood that is safe, and have a car that doesn’t break down. The truth is: my family is healthy; we can afford groceries and pay our utilities. I have a husband who is utterly devoted to me and accepts me in the raw and embraces my faults. The truth is: I get butterflies every time I see him, even if it’s when we’re talking about what just exploded from our baby’s diaper. The truth is: if there weren’t screens, I wouldn’t be aware of Joanna Gaines or Restoration Hardware or Mudpie (or any other place where a onesie is more than $5) and I would be just as happy if not happier with my life. It proves that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Sometimes there is no grass. There are mothers in homes that can’t feed themselves or their children. There are fathers who no matter how hard they work, cannot find a job to support their family. There are children who don’t know what a hug is because no one has ever offered them one. I am so lucky and fortunate to have what I have – even if it isn’t what is portrayed as “dreamy”. This is part of why I enjoy authentic portrait photography. When I learned photography at FIT, I was taught to curate and I am over it. There is beauty in authenticity – more than curation. So I will roll around in my grass that may have a few weeds now and then because after all, as children (before we started to care what other’s thought) we called dandelions “flowers”.

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