In order for me to answer that I need you to visualize Patrick Swayze in all of his Johnny Castle greatness, with Baby’s hand on his chest, his hand over her’s, patting oh so gently a heartbeat pattern (ga-goon, ga-goon). That’s avenue81. My heartbeat.  In less vague terms, “81” comes from my husband. He and I met while working at a bigbox store in our teens. There was some magic between he and I but neither of us knew what it was at the time. Like any workplace that has more than one person, gossip was king so when he would talk about me to a friend who also worked there, he referred to me as “81” in reference to a football player who wore that number and shared the same initials as me. Our “thing” was driving around the East side of Milwaukee looking in people’s windows. Yep – you read that right. We are creepers. Well, probably just me. I love making up stories about strangers. Windows give you a little view on a family and a life that exists in the same universe as you but that you probably will never interact with. Anyway – I won’t defend my creepiness any more than that. He would drive around and I would look in windows. We would talk about any and everything just holding hands. Those times are my most fond times of my late teens and early 20’s. It was there that I was most at peace. Years went by and we weren’t as close. Long story short – we reconnected in 2012 and are now married with 2 beautiful little versions of the best of us. The number 81 has crept its way back into our lives in several ways including being in the address of our first home. So aveune81 is my heart. It started beating many years ago to this rhythm and will continue to do so until its last beat. My husband is the reason I didn’t give up on my photography so the name is in dedication to him and the beautiful life he has given me beginning so long ago on those avenues.